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Helping you make healthy choices for you and your family
Find out: -
Which controversial ingredients are in products we use every day
Why our food contains less nutrients, today
The overwhelming evidence against fluoride and water fluoridation
The potential harm from a common artificial sweetener
What effect microwaves have on our food and our health
How to have a healthy pregnancy

Plus, there are helpful articles on a range of health issues from Arthritis to an Underactive Thyroid Gland.

We believe everyone has a right to know the truth without the influence of those with a vested interest.  

After exploring the issues raised on this website, we sincerely hope you will feel encouraged to do your own research, too.
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It seems ironic that we are living longer, yet chronic, degenerative conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer are reaching epidemic proportions!

One in three of us is now expected to have cancer during our lifetime and one in two of us is likely to die from cardiovascular disease.  But why should this be so?

There is no “one” reason - there are many reasons but most of these are down to our modern diets, lifestyles and the environment in which we live - some of these we can control but others we cannot.

This website is here to help you understand the most common factors that may be causing the rise in ill health. It also provides information about what you can do to limit your disease risk by making healthy choices for yourself and your family.
We support these charities:
Cancer Active
Breast Cancer UK
Watch this presentation about how to live a long and healthy life in the 21st Century
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